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Monday, September 15, 2014

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Hyperlinked entries in BOVINE:

Abortion, unknown cause
Adventitious placentation
Age estimation, pregnancies and abortions
AI, Artificial insemination technique
Amniotic plaques
Amorphus globosus, acardiac fetus
Artificial vagina
Atresia ani
Arteries, uterine
Breeding soundness, evaluation
Caruncle development
Calving, routine assistance
Caslick (Caslick's) operation
Cervix, bifurcation, uterine horns, anatomy
Cervix, double
Cervix, late gestation
Cervix, postpartum
Clitoris, the
Conjoined twins
Corpus luteum
Corpus luteum, postpartum
Cystic follicle, luteinzed
Cystic follicle
Dairy cattle in yard
Estrous cycle, diagram
Estrus, mucous discharge
Estrus, mucus on tail
Estrus, mucus, cervix
Fetal anatomy, membrane slip
Fetal membrane slip
Follicle and corpus luteum.1
Follicle and corpus luteum. Place in the cycle
Freemartin placentation
Freemartin; vaginal measurement
Granulosa cell tumor, solid, slaughter plant
Granulosa cell tumor suspect. polycystic, slaughter plant
Granulosa cell tumor suspect, cystic slaughter plant
Granulosa cell tumor, histology, Call-Exner bodies
Hair ring, penis
Hematoma penis
Hydrops and abortion after IVF, video
Infundibulum, the 
Januceps (janiceps) fetus
K-Mar, heat detector
Late gestation pregnancy and placentation
Lochia, normal
Leukosis, 5 month pregnant uterus
Leukosis, early pregnant uterus
Leukosis, uterus general discussion,
Leukosis, uterus and cystic corpus luteum
Lymphosarcoma pyometra
Luteinized follicles
Membrane slip
Metestral hemorrhage, bedding. cow recumbant
Metestral hemorrhage, bedding, tie stall
Metestral hemorrhage, bedding. claw
Metestral hemorrhage, tip of tail
Metestral hemorrhage, base of tail, typical
Metestral hemorrhage, in uterus
Metestral hemorrhage, rump of cow
Mucometra, hydrometra
Mullerian fusion; incomplete
Mummified fetus
Ovary, 3 month old
Ovarian cyst, neonate
Palpation, transrectal
Paraovarian cyst
Persistent penile frenulum
Persistent hymen, partial
Persistent hymen, pyometra
Placenta, amalgum, comparative
Placental anatomy
Pregnancy, membrane slip, 38 days
Pregnancy diagnosis.staging
Prepuberal follicle development
Recto-genital pouch and ovariectomy in heifers
Postpartum, uterus, 20 days, involution
Prolapsed uterus, process, salvage procedure
Prolonged gestation.1
Prolonged gestation.2
Pyometra following insemination, Tanabe image
Pyometra with uterine fissures
Quadruplet pregnancy
Retraction, uterus, pregnancy diagnosis
Schistosoma reflexus
Spermatozoa, differential interference
Spiral deviation of the penis
Scrotum split
Synchronizing follicle growth, general concepts
Synchronizing follicle growth, use of Ovsynch
Synchronizing follicle growth,sensitive periods for Ovsynch
Synchronizing follicle growth, two and three wave cycles
Urethral, suburethral diverticulum
Uterus, involution of
Uterus, neonatal calf
Uterus and placenta, term calf
Uterus, postpartum, normal
Uterus, torsion
Vagina, prolapse of
Vagina, cystic structures in
Vulva swelling in dairy cows
XY aneuploidy in a heifer

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